Episode 18 – Hold On Tightly, Let Go Lightly, and also… Use Lube!

Spoiler alert: we are hugely in favor of lube. Avital Isaacs, burlesque performer and education coordinator for Babeland NYC, is our guest of honor. She shares about her journey in getting comfortable with her own body, her views about bachelorette parties, and how she taught her friends about the clitoris at age 11. Where is the line, in a relationship, where you should keep working on things, or recognize it is not working and move on? Should people break up more, in general? And does anybody really use lube every time they have sex? Is there something wrong with you if you are sometimes “not wet enough” or if certain sex positions actually hurt? How do you find people to date when you are queer, not totally out, and not good at being the initiator? Types of lube that are healthier for your body than others. Some technicalities of anal sex. New legislation on affirmative consent in California. Cheers to the film “The Obvious Child”. And because if can’t be said enough: lube, lube, and MORE LUBE!!

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