Episode 17 – “Be the Change You Want to See in the Bedroom”

The extraordinary sex/relationships geek Reid Mihalko (reidaboutsex.com) is our guest of honor this time! He throws down some great wisdom about how to “date your species”, how to discover what works for you and how best to communicate about what works for you, how to find your “win-wins” and your “dealbreakers”, how he thinks we should be looking at depth (not duration) to measure the value of a connection, and much much more. We address questions including: is polyamory a phase to be “grown out of”? How do you communicate that you are interested in someone sexually and still affirm that you are into them as a whole person? How do people with penises keep from coming too quickly when thrusting inside a partner? And what if your partner is not a “talking about things” sort of person?

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