Episode 19: How I Feel About What You Think About How I Feel About You

Somatic sexuality educator Dr. Charlie Glickman of MakeSexEasy.com (and co-author of “The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure”) joins us to discuss his super wise insights on relationships and the nuances of relationships to relationships. He shares some moving stories about helping clients move past sexual shame through hands-on coaching. We collectively address listener questions including: How can I fully express my masculinity without being a dick? When part of the turn-on is not talking about things, how do you establish boundaries? And how do you have a causal hook-up and also be sure you’re not hurting someone? The wide range of possibilities of pleasure in anal sex and the wide range of feelings and fears about anal pleasure. Being bold versus being aggressive. Stephanie and Charlie recommend awesome books about non-violent communication and asexuality, and Dave shares about how he was asked to formally object to yet another wedding. Plus, our first round of happy healthy (and these particular ones are super extra gorgeous) break-up stories. Our listeners are the sexiest AND the most beautiful, yo.

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