Episode 16 – SFSP LIVE!: Bring Your Full Self Here

A whole crowd of smart sexy people and our guest of honor, the ridiculously vibrant and kind Francisco Ramirez, join us for a live-taping/party at 3B Brooklyn. We start with exciting additions to our mission statement! And then we talk to Francisco about his work as a sexuality consultant with MTV and the U.N., and he shares about the most common questions he got asked when giving free dating advice in public parks. We all address questions from those in the room, including: When you are interested in somebody new, at what point do you share that you are in an open relationship? (Francisco an Stephanie do a saucy role play about this one!) If you are weary of affirmations and platitudes and relationships in general and feel like giving up, should you… give up? And Jillian Buckley joins us to address a question about how to move from feeling pressure to be desirable- to being in touch with what you actually desire and want in your relationships. You’re all invited to a Defectives Party with Francisco. Hear the sexiest possible song about enthusiastic consent from Love Songs for the Rest of Us. Learn what everyone in the room that night thinks is the sexiest. And don’t miss the orgy-of-a-Quickies-segment with guests from former episodes! We so glad and grateful to be in conversation with you all, and we are super proud of this one, yo. Bring your full self here.

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