Episode 23: Authenticity is the Sexiest

OKCupid’s Chief Product Officer, Jimena Almendares, is at the front lines of queering the OKCupid algorithm! And we were fortunate enough to get to talk to her in depth on this episode about how OKC has recently added non-binary gender identities and sexual orientations beyond gay and straight! She also generously shares about her epic personal journey. We collectively address questions from listeners including: someone who asks for pep talk about how to make the most out of online dating, someone who is a gay male and married to a woman wondering if it is kinder to himself and his family to be fully out or not, and someone who is questioning when it is okay to be into people from your same race/class/education background and when your preferences might be harmfully reinforcing systemic oppression. Plus, a shout out about the awesomeness of being single even though our society is couples-obsessed.

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