Episode 21: Consent is Everything

On catcalling, Jian Ghomeshi, female orgasm, Gamergate, and more! In this *doozy* of an episode, we are honored to be joined by Miri Mogilevsky. We address listener questions including: Is there something wrong with me if I never have an orgasm without my my clit being stimulated? How do you navigate when you like being objectified and when it makes you feel gross? Do you really have to share everything (in a longterm relationship, is it ok to have anything that’s just yours)? We also throw down about the race dynamics of that catcalling video, consent in the context of consensual power play, the professor/student quagmire at Northwestern University, and California’s new affirmative consent legislation. Plus, shout outs about respecting preferred pronouns, translifeline.com, hope/action in the face of crisis, communication about sex as a juicy form of foreplay, and sex as something you DO – not something you HAVE.

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