Episode 10 – The First Ever All-Quickies Episode!

3 guests! So many quickies! Avital Isaacs (burlesque performer/education coordinator at Babeland Brooklyn), Salty Brine (writer/performer/educator) and Adjoa Tetteh (activist/sex educator) join Stephanie and Dave to throw down about various and sundry things including: what straight white feminist dudes are thinking, cheers to finesse and playfulness in sex, the Nine Taoist Thrusts, casual hook-up etiquette, celebrating fat sexuality, time pressure on having kids, the first kid to have three legal parents, herpes and oral sex safety, herpes is not a death knell, the art of masturbation, mutual masturbation FTW, National Condom Week!, five recent studies about female desire, analogous anatomy, the steaminess of getting to know your partner’s whole entire body, and a request to consider the complexity of your own gender. Whoa nelly. It was good for us. Was it good for you? Let us know.

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