Dear Listeners: SFSP, in this form, is ending. BUT! It will be evolving into a new podcast in about a year!! Rather than being about sex and love through a lens of our collective liberation as SFSP has been, the new podcast will be about our collective liberation at large (transformative justice! consent culture! dismantling white supremacy! systems shift + widespread cultural healing! queering everything!) without shying away from things having to do with sex + bodies + desire that so often get swept under the rug. We’d love love love to stay in conversation with you in the meanwhile and beyond! Please stay subscribed to our feed, and/or you can join our mailing list at to make certain that you hear about what we are up to next. All the episodes will stay up and available, so feel free to keep sharing with loved ones, as well! If you want to stay in touch with Dave, follow him on Twitter @davidjmcgee. And Ryan would love to stay connected to you in all the ways, including through their new dating app for kinky people ( and through their coaching practice ( It’s been a huge joy and honor to make this thing with each other and in conversation our guests and with all of you. Thank you thank you thank you for tuning in!