Episode 30: Authenticity and Intentionality and Tenderness, oh yes yes YES!

Rev. Alba Onofrio shares about their journey to embracing relationship and family beyond default scripts/labels and their work as spiritual director of Soulforce, holding authenticity and intentionality as paramount, fighting for the lives of queer and trans people everywhere! We collectively address listener questions including: How do I raise my son when I see the world as such a hostile and terrifying place, especially after the Pulse massacre? A bisexual cis woman in a relationship with a straight cis dude wonders: do I have a right to claim the term queer? We also jam about the connection of Christian Supremacy to rape culture, consent that goes far deeper than the tactical or “asking permission”, and queer identity as a rallying cry / call to action / politically based orientation to the world based in an experience of marginalization. Shout outs about the book “Revolutionary Mothering: Love On the Front Lines” to which Alba contributed, the movie “Captain Fantastic”, the Sexual Liberation Collective, and Soulforce’s healing take on the Sodom and Gomorrah story.