Episode 27: Get Rid of the Idea that Sex Can Be Easy

Healing from trauma, holding compassion and rage at the same time, transformative + restorative justice in response to sexual assault, the just world fallacy, the sexiness of holding nuance and complexity, noticing who we can communicate with based on our positionality, ways of holding safe space for a person who has experienced trauma, the beauty of leading with vulnerability, welcoming loved one’s whole selves (including their wounds), moving away from default scripts about bodies + gender + sex acts, listening each other into fullness, fuck the Valentine’s Day Industrial Complex, fuck the idea that love can or should be contained in any way, and fuck the idea that love is a finite resource. We are oh so honored and grateful that Andy Izenson (activist, attorney, consent + alternative justice models educator) joined us in this doozy of a conversation, full of much darkness and much love and much light.