CROSSBROADCAST: Shit and Shame with Shawn Shafner

Liberating conversations about sex and shit from the extremes of knee-jerk shame response and gratuitous grotesqueness is not easy. So we teamed up with our friend Shawn “The Puru” Shafner for this crossbroadcast with his podcast! We collectively address questions including: What if you are grossed out by anal sex but your partner is really into it? How to navigate safety concerns with scat play? And we jam out about various and sundry things like bearing the vulnerability of another and being able to bear one’s own vulnerability. Menstruation, runny noses, and other leaky fluids. Being seen and accepted in your entirety is the sexiest. Did we mention there’s a whale choir? Oh yeah. There’s a whale choir. And check out more episodes of Shawn’s podcast at: