Episode 29: Reflections on Orlando // Sexuality From a Place of Wholeness

We are honored to be joined by actress/activist/founder-of-TransTech Angelica Ross. Hear why she believes most people are in relationships for the wrong reasons and that relationships are best when thought of as prolonged period of discovery. We address the misunderstanding of the term sex positive as pressure to have more sex than you want to, queering as a force for good, learning what your body says “yes” to in life AND in sex, and how to full our honor the fucked up truth of now and also full out hold our responsibility to imagine alternatives. When you are dating or hooking up with a new person, at what point is it important to disclose you are trans? What do you do when you and your partner both want an open relationship but you feel overwhelmed by jealousy? How do you get to be more pleasure-oriented than orgasm-centric? Plus shout outs about the amazing webseries HerStory (by and for queer and trans women, featuring Angelica Ross!), taking a walk around your neighborhood, and the beauty and importance of queer and trans choirs.