Episode 2 – Our Love Is What We Make of It

Our guest is the super epic badass, Diana Adams, who is a lawyer for non-traditional families’ rights and longterm activist for sexual freedom between consenting adults. Diana shares about her work in helping people create intentional partnerships and families and gives a sort of State of Sexual-Freedom-Rights Address. Questions/discussions about what to do when you want an open relationship but your partner does not, resources for buying sex toys, ways of figuring out what you are into, and “going with the flow” versus the potential steaminess/profundity of using words to communicate about your desires, and more. Also, tour updates and a feminist anthem from Love Songs for the Rest of Us.

Here are some links and resources from this episode:

Ideas, legal and otherwise!

Third Parent Adoptions

Legal Mediation

some writing about red/green/yellow as safe words

some writing about talking about safer sex


Unmarried Equality

Woodhull Freedom Foundation

Family Matters Project

BONOBONOBONOBO/ Love Songs For The Rest Of Us


Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-first Century by Barbara Carrellas

Opening Up by Tristan Taormino, a book about exploring non-monogamy

Places to get sex toys!

Babeland (in store and online, has educators in-store)

adamandeve.com (online)

vibereview.com (online)

Mr. S (in store and online, particularly for people with penises interested in BDSM)


“Single mothers are the largest group of people in poverty in this country– historically in our welfare state the answer is “well just get them married” rather than disentangling financial support from a sexual relationship. We have this historical baggage about women being in a sexual relationship in exchange for financial support during their mothering years and I think that’s dangerous. I’m interested in supporting people while the law is catching up.” -Diana Adams in an interview with 14karatliving.com

Date your own species.” –Reid Mihalko


Six Tools For Women Who Give Too Much, a teleclass series with Diana Adams and Reid Mihalko

Hysterical Literature, by Clayton Cubitt