Wholistic Sex and Relationship Coaching
with Stephanie Johnstone
of Sex For Smart People

Want to go deeper in sex and relationships? Do you wonder if something is wrong with you in bed? Need support in knowing and communicating your deepest needs and desires? Are you curious about ethical non-monogamy? Do you love the ideas in the podcast and want to talk further, one-on-one?

My personal journey with my body and my sexuality has been from shame and self-denial to celebration and self-awareness. And my personal journey with communication has been from feeling like I had no real sense of my own voice (especially sexually!) to getting stronger, day by day, at knowing and authentically conveying to other people who I am and what I need.

For several years now, I have studied wholistic sexuality and communication for couples, and my personal practice and journey has been hugely transformative for me. I am passionate about paying forward what I have learned.

Most of all, I would love to:
*give you tools to hear yourself better in order to get more deeply in touch with your needs and desires
*and to work with you to empower you to be stronger and clearer about communicating those needs and desires to your partners

Some of the other things I can support you in are:
*navigating the terrain of opening your relationship and/or deciding whether an open relationship is right for you
*deepening your intimacy and/or enlivening your desire for your longterm partner
*deepening your love for your body and expanding your capacity for pleasure, solo and/or partnered
*opening up to exploring things like kink/BDSM/Tantra

I work with individuals and couples through Skype conversations (plus writing prompts and suggested physical explorations between sessions).

You will get the most out of our work if we meet consistently, and over a period of time, and the packages I offer reflect possibilities for that. I believe in deep, longterm openings. There are no quick fixes, but most people who work with me also notice profound shifts in the shortterm.

Do you have simpler, one-off sex and dating questions? We can have a conversation about that, too.

My rates are on a sliding scale, fixed to income. If any of this sparks you, please be in touch, and I look forward to figuring out how best to work together!

You can reach me at: stephanie@sexforsmartpeople.com

Some Testimonials:
Stephanie has an amazing capacity to make you feel like you’re the only person she’s ever seen, loved, and listened to, even if you just met her on the street. Her deep listening & insightful reflections not only created an incredibly safe environment for me to explore my thoughts and feelings, but stayed with me for weeks afterwards and still continue to shift my perception about my own “relationship to relationships.” Stephanie’s profound empathy and extensive knowledge about sex, dating, love, and relationships in all forms and dynamics make each minute feel valuable as she shares her extensive wisdom and unlocks your own, one gentle node at a time.

We truly believe that our marriage would have failed if not for Stephanie’s guidance. We came to her wanting to open up our sex life and our communication about our sex life (and wow, did we ever get to open that up and expand our capacity for pleasure tenfold!) but moreover, we got to go even deeper and more comprehensively than we could have imagined. Sexuality from a place of wholeness is a POWERFUL way to operate, and I am grateful every day that we reached out to Stephanie.
-R. + G.

Stephanie is the most emotionally intelligent person I know.

I had all but given up on my own capacity to experience sexual pleasure. For years, I felt like I could either be a sexual person OR a person who loves. Physically, this meant that I could rarely get and stay hard when with a partner, or if I did manage to be erect, I would cum almost instantly. Stephanie helped me understand what was underneath these physical hurdles. For me, it was this disconnect between being someone who has sex and someone who loves. She compassionately guided me to realizing this on my own. And I loved the physical explorations she gave me to explore between sessions! I love her frame of the heart/cock or heart/clit connection, and self love practice is deeply important. In spending time and attention with those things, I’ve been able to bring what I am learning into sex with my partner. Run, do not walk, to work with Stephanie. I wish I had reached out even sooner than I did. My time with her has been truly transformative for me, in and out of the bedroom!


I am struggling to find my own voice in my relationship to relationships especially the one with myself, and Stephanie is encouraging me to plunk very specific cords and allow them to vibrate and resonate both within and above the dominant tones of our cultural norms. I believe there are so many ways we can create meaningful relationships but because knowing how to is not instinctual, I need help navigating my way to trust, communication, and authenticity. I am so grateful to have Stephanie enthusiastically share a gift that was so freely given to her through years of experience with forming relationships to relationships with others and herself.


Stephanie is a love, sex, and relationships grand master. Cities should install copies of her in public parks, dispensing advice to passersby. If they did, I’m convinced that everyone would be twenty percent happier. And having fifty percent more amazing sex.


¬†From the moment I sit down to speak with Stephanie, I feel more relaxed and open. She listens so fully and with so much empathy that I feel comfortable sharing any worries or hopes about my most intimate relationships, and often, in talking with her, I find myself vocalizing desires and fears I didn’t even know I had. In addition to being an incredible listener, Stephanie is always ready to offer concrete suggestions for how I can move forward in strengthening my communication skills with my partner. Her specific suggestions, that are so tailored to my needs, have been absolutely invaluable to me, and have changed how I interact with everyone around me for the better.